Roland Juno 106

“Up for sale is a really great iconic synth in great condition. For those looking, Im sure that we all know the classic maintenance problems that vintage Junos can have: the old voice chips eventually all go bad and the bucket brigade responsible for the classic Juno Chorus is known to fail, along with scratchy pots and sliders. Not to worry on this unit, I recently cleaned all the sliders and pots with deoxit and they sound great, especially the volume pot which seems to always sound scratchy with time. The voice chips have all been swapped with the much desired Analog Renaissance chips, ensuring the sound stays the same but makes the Juno future proof for a long time to come.

The previous owner said there was an issue with the Chorus, where the VCA at max value would cause the Chorus to sound distorted. But upon closer inspection I researched and found the culprit to not be the irreplaceable bucket brigade chips but two transistors in the Chorus circuit. After replacing them the Juno Chorus worked better than ever. The only slight issue I could find on the Juno is the VCF frequency slider doesn’t seem to kick in until about the 4 notch, but then works perfect after that. Comes with really nice SKB hard case with wheels for easy transport.” Click here to search for synths on eBay