# Roland Juno 106

Juno-106, Roland @ 15 April 2018

” Synth has sticker on the back that says it was serviced in 1998 by Roland service. I’ve had it since ~2012. I purchased from someone on craigslist locally. The guy kept it covered with the black cover seen in the photos. I’ve kept great care of it ever since as I do with all my equipment. All voices work fine and controls work great.

**The only issue it has is the LFO delay slider goes from a little to a bit more towards the low end of the slider span. ie it jumps in value a bit.

This was much more noticeable when the slider was on the cuttoff frequency. I switched the two sliders because I didn’t care that the LFO delay had this sudden jump as It did on the cutoff. Honestly you probably wont even notice as it doesn’t jump that much. Maybe a value of 20 in terms of standard 1-127 in midi cc values.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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