Roland JP-8080

“Roland JP-8080 Analog Modelling Synthesiser.

The synth is in good cosmetic condition but has a few faults listed below:

Level knob – this wobbles and only outputs to the left side unless held with a finger. (Update: after writing this I tested the majority of functions again and the level knob has now stopped working and outputs no sound)

Oscillator 1 – control 1 & 2 knobs are quite sensitive and slightly change setting when touched.

Oscillator 2 – the control 1 & 2 knobs have the same problem as osc 1. Fine tune also has the same problem.

Buttons – all work fine apart from ‘write’ and ‘key mode’. The write button doesn’t work so it’s not possible to save new patches. The button in the key mode section is difficult to press sometimes and you need to swipe your finger down when pressing for it to work.” Click here to visit listing on eBay