Roland JD-800 Project Machine

This synth has been lovingly looked after and used on many recordings over the years. Unfortunately it has developed a fault that I’ve been unable to repair. I’ve also had someone else look at it locally who purported to be a specialist synthesizer repairer, but as it turned out they didn’t really know any more than myself about the LSI digital & analogue electronics employed in a synth from this era.

Having wasted my time and money trying to get it repaired locally, I’m not prepared to further send it, or drive 100’s of miles to try to get it fixed. I’m sure that it must be repairable by someone out there with the requisite abilities. Anyway, reluctantly, I’ve decided to put it up for auction here offered for spares or repair.

Here is a description of the fault;

a) 1) The on-board diagnostics report that the PCM ROM’s 1, 2 & 3 are “NG” (= no good).

(Note: all other diagnostics pass and complete correctly)

b) 2) Only spurious artefacts (from any patch selected) are audible when the keys are played, (or when external midi note on/off are received).

c) 3) When selecting a different waveform using the WG rotary encoder (for most of the patches), the waveform reference in the display appears to be corrupted.

d) 4) It appears to me that the fault is probably on the main board.

I have managed to verify (by selecting those patches which output enough spurious sound to work with) that apart from the above anomalies everything else appears to be functional. All sliders, knobs, buttons and the bender appear to work and display correctly. All midi functions; note on/off, sysex, bulk dump, external editing, etc. work correctly both in and out. All of the on-board effects function and display correctly.

As can be seen from the pictures, the synth is in excellent condition for its age, with just a few scuffs here and there. The top panel is in great shape and all sliders, buttons and knobs are intact. There has been none of the dreaded “red glue” on the move and all of the keys are intact.” Click here to search for synths on eBay