Roland JD-800 Project Machine

“This Roland JD-800 looks to work; did some quick testing of the oscillators, filters, envelope generators, and VCA’s and didn’t se. You can see the orange instrument lights and LCDs all light up appropriately. All knobs and sliders seem to work just fine, but many of the piano-keys currently stick together, a few don’t go down at all, and some don’t sound. This is due to the Roland factory piano key-glue softened while it was otherwise being safely stored; the glue just simply breaks down and the weights refasten themselves onto the bottom of the keybed or the keys next to them. The case has some cracks in it near the system keys (see photo) and a chunk has broken out. All the buttons around it appear to work fine.

Tested with keyboard amp and you still get the marvelous sound out of it.

Something also got splashed on it and while I could get a bit off, it doesn’t want to come off easily. I’ll leave that to the new owner.” Click here to visit listing on eBay