# Roland JD-800

JD-800, Roland @ 14 April 2019

“This is one of those RARE times a vintage classic synth is available in impeccable, mint condition. This is the definitive Roland JD-800 with probably the thickest warmest sounding pads I’ve heard on ANY synth. For those of you who are familiar with this gem, you know how this beast-of-a-synth sounds. A single sound in the JD-800 consists of up to 4 tones, and each tone consists of an almost completely independent synthesizer voice. A patch can have layers of up to 4 different synthesizers. Combined, they create some of the fattest and richest sounds you’ll ever dream up! Everything is at your fingertips on this board. Shaping sounds is half the fun and the control you have is unprecedented. This board NEVER gigged on the road and only remained in my home, smoke-free studio for recording. And as of the past 2 years, it remained in the case untouched. I also replaced the original keybed by a Roland certified technician with a brand new Roland top-of-the-line keybed that has just amazing action!!—actually better than the original!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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