Roland D-50

“Up for sale… a very, very clean and perfectly working Roland D-50 Analog Linear Polyphonic Synthesizer 61Key keyboard including it’s original authentic Roland hard shell carrying case, new power cord and 8 sound cards of which 6 are recordable RAM cards and all are loaded with very popular and some hard to find custom sounds!
I am the second owner of this unit and have had it for more than 20 years.
It has been climate controlled stored for more than 15 years! All keys are excellent. All pots, buttons, and sliders are smooth without pops.
The keyboard itself has had 2 owners….the original owner was a professional musician who played it for several years and then I purchased it from him over 20 years ago. I played it for several years and then tucked it away in it’s case and stored it in a closet for more than 15 years thinking that I would eventually begin to play it again….and yet with work and other activities I never found the time to do it. It’s time to let someone else enjoy and near perfect unit that includes hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of extras!
I used this with a Roland PK-5 bass pedal board (which is also up for sale) and I purchased a number of sound cards for it when I first bought it. I have 8 in total still left….(some were lost through the years in move).
All functions on the keyboard work well with no noise in any of the controls…( joystick, modulator, volume and after touch).
The unit was originally programmed with some different sound banks from the factory programming when the first owner gigged with it and since I liked them so much I never bothered to change them back, but I do have card number -00 which is the factory loaded bank of sounds so that you can either use the card or transfer from the card to the keyboard if you wish to do so. I think you’ll find that what’s currently loaded is excellent though!
There is some wear to the lettering on the back just at the pedal inputs, but is still legible and does not affect the unit in any way… I am only posting this to be as honest as I can about the condition of the unit. The lettering can be seen in my photo section.
Also…. One of the RAM recordable cards is reading “illegal card” when inserted. I understand that this might just need to have the card contacts cleaned, but I do not know for sure and therefore am stating that of the 8 cards advertised only 7 of them are actually operational at this point. Still….at a minimum cost of more than $50 per card on these…( and sometimes up to more than $80 which was their original cost back in the 80’s)…there is more than $350 minimum value just in the cards alone!”
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