Roland CR-78

“Price is reflective of excellent working condition and money invested in service by LA Synth Co (recommended by Roland tech support for servicing vintage gear). I do hear the most minimal of “scratchiness” in the sliders, but it’s nothing a squirt of Deoxit couldn’t handle and the sliders themselves are very smooth. Buttons, switches, and LEDs are all operational. Case shows less than typical wear for a unit of this age – some slight gaps at the mitered edges but this is normal from my observations of other units and the case itself is intact and structurally strong.

Service performed by LA Synth Co –
~ Completely recapped the unit
~ Replaced the 5101 ICs and installed sockets so they can be easily user replaced in the future if necessary
~ Removed the battery and replaced it with one that is mounted off the circuit board and removable if stored for long periods of inactivity (note – this unit NEVER had battery damage and the original battery was still functioning properly upon replacement).” Click here to search for synths on eBay