Roland AX-1 Keytar

roland ax1” Hi Ebay’ers. What we have here is an original vintage (I guess something nearly 20 years old would be considered vintage, compared to today’s standards!) Roland AX-1 MIDI controller keyboard. I am the original and only owner to date. If this controller could talk, oh my what stories it could produce! I have been playing keyboards 33 years; I’ve been fortunate enough to play internationally 3 different times. This keytar did not come with me overseas; however, it DID join my rig in 2000, 2001 (when I opened for LaBouche), and in 2004 when I opened for 80s legend Howard Jones. Presently, it’s rather sad living upright in my closet, and I’m using the notorious AX Synth these days. I figured it’s time to sell her off to another worthy user, and this is why I’m here today. She was manufactured in Italy apparently, and considering most of the synth gear today is made in China or Japan, I’m remarkably astounded at the build quality of this controller. Hell, even the serial number badge on the back looks like it was printed on aluminum and bolted on, unlike gear today where it could be just a metallic sticker. This is a great item for the simple fact that we have wireless MIDI packages that allow you to virtually go free and give you the flexibility of covering much more area than the stage itself. This and the build quality together make this an exceptional piece with a TON of potential. Keytars today just aren’t being made the same as these were. I’m downsizing because I’m content with my AX-Synth, and plus, I’m saving for a Studiologic Sledge 2.0!” Click here to visit listing on eBay