Roland Alpha Juno 2

“Selling a classic Juno 2 by korg. This keyboard has recently been combed thru personally and works flawlessly. While it was being serviced, EVERY key was hand cleaned and polished, ALL key pads and parts were cleaned or replaced (it HAD a few scratched keys). The pitch lever was replaced(new), the battery was replaced (holder installed)(new), volume knob and slider (new) replaced. I intended on replacing the alpha encoder, but it works flawlessly, so I left it and will include the extra part. The screen backlight has been replaced (parts from Germany new), with a bright blue El panel, and looks great. All the outputs have been checked, all solder joints and caps have been inspected. All connectors and cables inspected. This keyboard is clean inside and out. It has the best feeling keybed (voyager xl aside) I’ve had in my studio. This keyboard has seen some days of touring, so its not gorgeous looking around the edges. However, the screen and keys look near new. It also comes with a new power cable and factory manual.” Click here to visit listing on eBay