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Roland Alpha Juno 1 Project Machine

“Cosmetics-Good overall for its age with some general wear. Mostly on the control areas and buttons. Body has some scratches and rubbing wear in places. One of the black keys sits higher than the rest but functions ok. See photos. The bottom has some scratches and is missing one of the body screws. A particle is floating around loose inside. Maybe a plastic piece from the higher black key ?? Operationally I checked it out and generally responds ok. All the keys respond when pushed, clear audio from both the outputs, volume adjusts through its range, pitch bender adjusts the sound, and the display functions responded accordingly. I did find a few issues. The volume has some scratchy areas. The pitch bender springs in both directions but sometimes going to the right was harder to move through its very end range. The white key on the very left end works but seems intermittent and not as responsive. The other advanced programming features are untested otherwise. I am not a music keyboard person. Backup battery is most likely original. So this generally responds but would need service or parts replaced to be back to original specs. Great for someone who likes tinkering old Roland equipment. See lots of photos of what you are getting. Sold AS IS. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay