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Lot of 2 Roland D-70

“2 x Roland D70 Synthesizer’s – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!

I am selling 1 x D70 synth, which is in excellent condition and I will be virtually giving away another Roland D70 synth with it, for either spares or repair.

I absolutely love this synth! since I bought my first one in the 90’s, I have bought and sold half a dozen of them. Sadly, I have too many instruments now and I just don’t play this any more and it needs to go to a good home. Even whilst I was playing it, to check it all through before I put it on here, I was having second thoughts, but it must go! This really is a lovely, warm, rich-sounding synth and I will be extremely sad to see it go. So, sadly, here are the details:

Roland D70 (1)

This is the synth that is in the photos. I bought it 2 years ago from someone who had it from new and had never gigged with it. When I bought it, it had no original factory sounds on it at all. Just before the pandemic, I gave it to a Roland approved technician, who serviced it, put a new battery in it and performed a Sys ex sound dump on it, to restore all its original factory sounds. Due to the pandemic, that took about 18 months, and I’ve only played it, at home, for a total of about 10 hours. In the performance part of the synth, both Grandioso and Fflute sounds are missing (as marked with a cross on photo 5). However, they both appear in the patch section, so you still have those 2 sounds along with all the other factory presets. All sliders, pitch bend, faders and buttons work and the whole synth itself is in a very good condition, with a UK plug. Please note however that G# 5 & A# 5 keys do not emit any sound. They press down perfectly fine, they just don’t make any sound.

The manual is original and is in excellent condition and the Roland sound card works perfectly also. The stand is made by Neewer, is fully adjustable, (width and height), is on 4 casters, with the front 2 being lockable.

Roland D70 (2)

I bought this synth about 5 years ago with the intention of repairing it and getting it back to its former glory, but never got around to it.
I don’t know the condition of the battery or how long it has been in there. When I last checked it, the unit switched on and all the sounds were there, but the screen kept dying after about 5 minutes. The sounds were still there, you just couldn’t see anything on the screen!! I know I bought a replacement screen for it, but cannot find it at the moment, I will try and locate it once this is up on ebay, but can’t guarantee that I will be able to find it.
Please note: At least 18 of the keys on this synth are stuck. They press down with a bit of force but they definitely need looking at. However, because it is an 76 key synth, there are enough black keys working, to be able to replace the 2 that aren’t working on the other synth!” Click here to visit listing on eBay