“I really like the DK20. It was always my secret weapon back in the 90s that created nasty funky digital meets analog sounds in the vein of the 368 but with effects. It recorded well and had one foot in the 70s and one in the 80s sound wise. The DX7 came along and killed RMI in the early 80s along with a bunch of great companies. It is for sure a quality professional instrument. The sostenuto toe stud pedal was also pretty cool. The pedal for the DK20 is unique to the DK20 only, so having the original pedal is pretty great.

I bought this off craigslist without trying it first (stupid me). It works and sounds good but has some issues that need addressing to be perfect. You could play a gig with it tonight no problem but you would not be able to use the “mixer section”, one LED would be out, and the pedal would not work to it’s full potential. Because there are no techs in my area and I already have one of these I am going to sell this “as is.” If there is a deeper issue I am not aware of it. I am selling this CHEAP and 100% as is.” Click here to search for synths on eBay