PPG Wave 2.3 Project Machine

“PPG Wave 2.3 is nice condition but has no audio output. Cosmetically it looks great with just some light scratches on the top. It powers up and appears to function ok. All the knobs seem to work (I can turn them and see values change on the display). Display looks great. I just can’t figure out how to get any sound out of it. It does appear to be sending MIDI signals fine, as I was able to play another synth using the PPG. I’m hoping someone can breathe some new life into this guy. I bought it locally from the original owner. I was planning to repair it but it’s been sitting in its case for a year and I’ve just got too many projects. I’m moving soon so I really need to downsize.

It comes with two additional processor boards (plus there’s one in the synth…so basically you’re getting three). I did try each processor board but I still couldn’t get any sound output. Also comes with a handful of cassette backups (not pictured), and a custom flight-case that fits it very nicely. Between the flight case and the synth, this is very heavy. Local pick up in Chicago is fine. Otherwise, shipping is going to likely be somewhat high. As-is.” Click here to visit listing on eBay