PPG Wave 2.3

“This was a Wave 2.2 that was upgraded to a 2.3 by the factory. The original unit did not have MIDI and wasn’t implemented during the upgrade. I installed a Kenton MIDI kit many years back that gives it basic MIDI functionality and served my needs well.

I’m an experienced PPG repair tech that has revived Rupert Greenall’s infamous Wave 2.2 that appeared on all those great Fixx tracks and has been dead since the 80’s. Before I ship the unit, I will go through this, do a thorough cleaning and maintenance that includes calibration, cleaning of all contacts and aligning the keyboards action so they evenly trigger across the full range of the keyboard. No dead notes!

This is a pretty rare beast. If you are looking for that classic PPG sound. This is one of the most reliable out there. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay