PPG Wave 2.2

pggwave2p2 ” PPG Wave 2.2 synthesizer w/ road case, manual, and cassette (!!) backup tape. Circa 1982-1984. Ultra rare. Will need work to restore full functions.Unit powers up fine, but only produces some intermittent sounds when the keys are engaged. Had this unit restored to full functionality prior to 2009, though with the advent of the Great Depression lost the business and the warehouse studio and all the gear has been in storage since. Keyboard utilizes a weird pin and wire trigger system (similar to the old Vox Continentals), suspect that’s where at least some the problems might be. Originally thought the output was compromised when I first fired it up from storage, but managed to get intermittent tones from the unit after checking it out again, so I don’t believe that is the issue. Some of the keys stick when depressed, and of those that do some will return to position after a few moments, others need to be repositioned manually. Have more than a few vintage keyboards from the 70’s/80’s, though am not a synthesizer expert and believe this one would be better off with someone who could restore it to working order again and give it a good home in a climate-controlled environment. Would love to keep it and try to get it up and running and figure out all it’s capabilities, but have not been in a good place financially since the economy tanked and don’t know when that may change to permit me to hire the tech’s necessary to restore this unit to working order yet again.” Click here to visit listing on eBay