# Polyvox

Polivox @ 02 October 2012

“Selling the soviet classic analog synthesizer by POLYVOX(FORMANTA POLYVOX),an absolute beast.The synth is in great condition,both cosmetically and workingwise,a bargain.Just tested it,all seems to be working fine,the knobs,sliders,keys etc,all functional.Just one of the knobs is not making good contact and is going all the way around and can be taken out of the panel,the ADSR release knob,which leaves the release on to its max level,check the link with the video below to see,the only issue with the synth I found out,but I doubt it it’d be difficult to get it fixed,I think it’s the actual knob that is causing the problem,not the ADSR board,just geussing though.The outlook of the machine is really preserved,of course there are some minor scratches due to its vintage status,but apart from that it’s just pefect.It’s coming with its original hard case and a pedal.Ask for shipping fees,have in mind it’s pretty heavy.It’ll be properly packed and sent to you in no time.Selling it as I’m not really using it anymore,I’m cleaning space in the studio and the equipment I don’t use has to go.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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