Pearl Fightman

” PEARL FM-8 “FIGHTMAN” Electronic Drum controller/ synthesizer

Note this does not have any sequencing capabilities.

It is a drum synth aka drum brain.

“This is a fully working very rare Pearl FM-8 Fightman Analog Drum Synthesizer. I believe it was made before the Syncussion. A great piece of 80’s tech!

The closest machine that resembles it in my opinion is a Roland TR-606, except the Fightman has some very real sounding Toms.

The Hi Hat, Crash, are said to be very Metallic and the Ride is almost like a Synth Tone.

This Drum Synth is very hard to come by. This unit does not have Midi.

The only test I was able to perform was plugging it in and powering it up. The tempo light blinks and changes tempo when you adjust the tempo knob.”