Roland JP-8000

“Roland JP-8000 synth, studio kept and in good condition. PLEASE NOTE: This was shipped across country recently and the UPS guys played hockey with it which cracked one side and back of the casing. It is put back together but you can see in the pictures where the crack is. There are a few scratches on the other side panel, all purely cosmetic, but the rest of the synth is in excellent condition. New battery added recently. Comes with power cord. Everything works and sounds great.”
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Roland JX-8P

“Appearance of the item:
Please check on the photos for detailed condition of the product.

No sound emission noise is good. All key pronunciation confirmed. Pitch bend operation OK. Since it is old second hand goods as it is, please pardon small scratches and rubbing. LED indication good.


perfect working.

It has been tested by musical instrumental shop in Japan.

All you can see on this photo will be included in a set of a package.”

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Roland SPV-355

“Here we have my roland SVP 355 pitch – volt converter synth. This will convert any incoming audio into a synthesised tone and also allow you to run the dry signal through the resonant filter alongside the onboard oscillators. You can also run it from CV/Gate ports on the back. These things are getting rarer and often you only see them on import.

It’s in good cosmetic condition for it’s age but has one slight issue, VCO2 is currently not putting out any signal, but VCO1 and the Sub octaves work fine. It may be an easy fix and I would take it to my tech to get it sorted but I need to clear some space. – I have reflected this in the price. Comes with original manual.”

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Roland SH-101

“Roland sh 101 in good working order. No power supply but is shown working in pic 2. The portamento switch is missing and the bender knob is damaged but still works fine. See pictures for most accurate description. This was used for recording and live performances with my old band but has been in the loft for last 10 years. Needs a bit of a clean. Classic piece of kit that makes some awesome music in the right hands.”
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Roland MC-202

“This listing is for a Roland MC-202 MicroComposer. It is fully operational and in good condition.

I don’t have the power adapter, but they are available on eBay for less than £10. The unit takes 6 size C batteries.

The sound is almost identical to the SH101 and the two can be linked together using the CV/Gate connection.

The frequency slider in the VCF is very slightly bent – see final photo – but it travels smoothly and functions perfectly.”
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Roland Juno 106

“Roland Juno-106 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesiser

Works perfectly – just had voice chips and buttons replaced professionally. Everything else sounds and feel great!

There are a few minor chips to the paintwork but these could be easily sorted (all featured in photos). There’s also a scratch to the paint near to the Roland logo (please see last pic). There’s a slight white stain on the back (think this may be paint – see pics again.)

Really sad to be parting with this – would love for it to go to a good home.”

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Korg Poly-61M

“Korg Poly 61M with a new battery (a genuine made-in-Germany Varta NiMh).
It is fully functional, all keys working, all switches responding, midi, tape interface working and factory programs loaded.

Cosmetic blemishes- slight edge damage on the right cheek shown. Still, among the nicest, I’ve seen, especially lately…

No calibration was needed- still at factory spec. All voices match. All original chips.

Please see all pics. All original screws/washers are intact, but several pics don’t show them.

This is a very nice 61M and you will not be disappointed.”
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Korg Poly 800 with Moog Slayer Mod

“The Korg Poly 800 for sale here has been completely cleaned and restored to perfect working condition. All keys contact and rubbers have been cleaned and working.
A new battery installed. The C Cell battery compartment has been disabled so no more worries about acid leaks, as the new battery retains all the patches.
Moog Slayer mod gives you Frequency and resonance control that sound GREAT !
CV control input jacks added allows external control over Freq-REZ.
12/24 DB filter selector switch and a FM control. With these mods and the synth restored its now an even greater synth. Korg should have built it this way because with these mods the synth is AWESOME !”
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Korg 01/WFD

“I’m selling a classic 61-Key Korg Synth Workstation. See pictures for details, but it appears it was dropped by the previous owner. Still works great though. I’ve been using it to record some songs and I love it. Have had no problems with it at all. Lots of built in sounds, plus a sequencer so it’s a lot of fun to play around on. Perfect for anyone whether they’re looking to learn on it or a professional with a home studio looking to record or even play live.

Not in the best shape, but works great! See pictures for details. Highest 2 keys stick when pressed. Floppy drive looks banged up and may not work, cannot test that. Also is missing the little topper for volume knob.

Comes with the keyboard only. ”
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Korg Poly 61 Project Machine

” Here we have a Korg Poly 61 with issues, I have had this for a few years with the intention of fixing it. It lights up and makes sound but has suffered from a battery leak .

I have had it looked at and the engineer said it needs one chip (logic) which is widely available and a battery and the voices re loading if you desire.

It’s not an expensive or difficult task , i just never got round to it and my wife says I need to thin the herd …..;(”
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Korg DW-6000

“I am selling my Korg DW6000 Keyboard along with, A Keyboard stand, A Roland TR505 Rhythm composer and a Technics 145w keyboard amp, model SY- T15, plus all connecting transformers, plugs and cables. All the equipment is in first class order and ready to go.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Korg EX-800

“Due to having no knowledge of how to use this im selling it for spares or repair.
I have powered it up and Button No2 does not seem to work, however all other numbers show up on relevent display, also “Value” display does not seem to work. I have taken the top off and everything inside looks in excellent condition. If you know what you are doing this could be a piece of cake to fix up . On the outside it has obviously been well used as can be seen in the picture and it has some small scratches and a bit of motteling around the edges here and there.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha DX7

“Very good condition, one owner, mild use, smoke-free, and fully functional except the battery needs to be replaced. All buttons are functional and none have cracks from overuse. Because the battery is dead, I loaded sounds into the on-board memory to prove that it is working properly. If loading sound banks via MIDI, the battery is not needed. Battery replacement procedure is fairly straight-forward and can be found on YouTube. There are minor scuffs and scratches on the bottom but nothing serious. Cosmetically, this item is in really good condition. I’m selling only because I have to downsize.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha CS-60

“I discovered this from the original owner’s son about two years ago and to find something this old to be in such a highly preserved condition, is rare. The synth stayed in his home since it was new. His son wasn’t a musician so he had no need for it, so I purchased it. I am a pilot and loaded it in my airplane and flew it home. Every switch and dial works perfectly and the keyboard feels new, the ribbon controller works perfectly, the keyboard feels new, the aftertouch is flawless and the sound is magical. Yamaha clearly put all of their pride into these keyboards back in the day, as nothing in my studio has this build quality.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha TG500

“This unit has hardly seen the light of day since it was last used in the 90s. It appears to reuire some sort of disk for loading tones an this auction does not include any sort of disk. I do not have the equipment or know how to test that every function of this unit is working, but all of the menus seem to function properly on the screen and I have no reason to believe that this has any defects. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha CS01

“100% fully functional! There is minimal cosmetic wear! Does NOT affect operation! See pictures for details! Additional pictures available upon request! What is included: YAMAHA CS-01 Synthesizer! YAMAHA Original Gig Bag! YAMAHA Original CS-01 Manual! Does NOT include batteries!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha TX7

The TX7 is a desktop module version of the legendary DX7 keyboard with 32 patches of memory and can be controlled/programmed via MIDI. An affordable and compact way to access the sounds of a DX7.

Download and program new sounds from a DX7 keyboard, or from online sources.

This is in good working condition for its age.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha DX11

“Great vintage synth in exceptional condition for its age. Its not mint but for a 30 year old keyboard, it has minimal scratches and cosmetic marks. I don’t think it has seen serious use and it certainly hasn’t been heavily gigged!

Recently serviced with new RAM battery – this keyboard is good for another 30 years! ” Click here to search for synths on eBay