ARP Odyssey

“ARP Odyssey – mk1…white face.


An original model 2800.
Recently serviced including switch cleaning and re-graphite’ing of sliders.
What a sound….
There is some paint ‘bubble’ here and there as shown but operationally is in very good order.

Mono – 2 oscillator…..the sound of the early 70’s…used by everyone from Abba to Herbi H.

This unit comes with 110 volt transformer (it’s a US model) and the original ARP supplied heavy duty ‘Anvil’ flightcase.”
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Kawai Synthesizer-100F

“An absolute classic and quite rare mono synth from Kawai

This one is in excellent cosmetic condition with barely any obvious signs of use… but it has been used and it does have some signs of age if you look carefully.

There are no big dents, scratches or battered wood on this one… it’s really good just some minor little marks that come with age.

It was serviced when I got it and it still works great but I have noticed a few keys retrigger until you play it more.

As much as I love this synth it’s just not getting used as much as it should so I have decided to let it go to someone who is going to play it more often.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai K4r Project Machine

“This is for a Kawai K4R 16 Bit Digital Synthesizer Module in *Parts/Repair* Condition
Not POWERING ON…Nothing.. Not a click, not a flicker.. I could not get it to fire up with my universal/Multi-tip adapter… NO further testing performed.
I honestly think there is just a little corrosion at the POWER input or perhaps a FUSE that needs to be replaced?
The device looks to have never been opened up…
If you are good with vintage electronics this will most likely be a simple repair

NO Power supply or other pieces included.. Main device ONLY

No other flaws or issues to point out
NO rust, dust or oxidation
NO evidence of being dropped
NO burnt electronics smell
NO rattling or loose pieces”
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Kawai K4

“Back for sale! Kawai K4 with new flourescent green LCD display, mostly new capacitors on main board, new volume slider, and headphone opamp.

Includes original manuals and Kawai power adapter.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Q

“Classic and amazing Waldorf Q Rack synth. It is in full working condition, ALL buttons, encoders, jacks, display, wheels etc all work like they should. No encoder skipping.. they all work.

These synths are getting VERY hard to find..the sound has always reminded me of if a PPG and an Oberheim Xpander were to merge : ) Very deep and lush sound. The pads and strings are amazing, the ambient textures and drones are superb. And of course the basses and leads are SOLID!

Comes with the original power cable and the VERY rare 256 storage card.

I pack safe and ship fast! ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Octave Cat SRM II

“* Vintage Cat SRM II, factory new, never used

* One of the first and best sounding analog synthesizers ever made

* Includes Glide on/off foot switch

* Includes original owner’s manual and original literature for Octave Plateau products”
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Moog Source

“Moog ‘The Source’ 81 in good condition. Sporting some wear but everything works as it should. I have had it looked over by Synapse Audio(vintage audio specialist) out of Portland. OR.

It is a mono synth and was the first Moog to ever feature patch memory. It has 16 places to save your own sounds, as well as a simple sequencer and arpeggiator, as two fat analog oscillators and the legendary 24 dB Moog filter.

This has been in my family for years and lightly used over the last 20 or so years. I am throwing in a keyboard case to ensure safe shipping as I hope it goes to a good home to make many more moogy sounds.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland SH-101

“Roland SH-101 Classic Analogue Mono Synthesiser.

With a pristine manual a Boss PSU and with original box (including original styrofoam)

In full working order and excellent cosmetic condition, see photos.

I bought this brand new at In the 1980s and have been the only owner. It has never been gigged – mostly kept in its box in a cupboard in my smoke free home. I became a guitarist and not a synth player- hence its lack of use!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland AX-1 Keytar

” RARE: Roland AX-1 Red Keytar 90’s Keyboard Including Hard Case.

AX-1 is Roland’s velocity sensitive 45-note keytar produced from 1992 to 1994. The keytar is not a standalone instrument is a MIDI controller devised to manage sounds of external devices. David Sherriff and Andrew Leggo were responsible for the design while the Italian branch of Roland (Roland Europe) developed the electronics.

Sound modules, synthesizers or samplers receive MIDI messages sent by AX-1. The device storage allows for up to 32 patches.

There’s a ribbon for pitch bend, a sustain switch and an expression bar installed on the keytar’s neck. The only way to use it is to connect it to a MIDI compatible instrument.

The keytar was used by Jean Michel Jarre, Peter Gabriel and many others.

Light wear as expected from a 20+ year old instrument, but all in working order!”
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Roland Alpha Juno 2

“Classic ROLAND ALPHA JUNO-2 keyboard for sale; seller refurbished/cleaned; excellent condition!

Board has the last known EPROM version 2.5u installed. A few minor cosmetic marks as shown in pics.

All functions checked & work correctly except for the keyboard (pressure/aftertouch) for modulation, which is not functional on most all of these older vintage boards. This is not a big issue since the modulation works properly using the pitch bend/mod lever or midi.

Included is a CD which has sysex software and over 250 juno-2 patches/banks which can be loaded into the keyboard. Two pdf files for user’s manual & service notes. Battery backup is good at 3.27 volts.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland SH-101

“Roland SH-101 Keyboard Synthesizer.

Used – Tested and working as it should.

I had this unit looked over and tested by a professional music store owner.

Note: in a few of the pictures there looks like a yellowish streak on the unit. That is a light glare and NOT a stain.

Comes with a brand new power supply.

Unit is pretty clean, all knobs, buttons and functions work. Unit is not mint, shows signs of use. Overall, very good pre-owned.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg MS20

“In very good condition and fully working, the keys are still quite white and springy, please study well pictures before purchase, doubt you’ll find one in better nick considering age.

This version is the Rev 2 i believe, with the less noisier bassier filter, it is not one of the reissues – it is the original.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg MS2000R

“Korg MS2000R Analog Modeling Synthesizer with built in sequencer and arppeggiator EXCELLENT Condition.

100% in perfect working condition. All knobs, buttons, screen, ports work just as they should.

It comes with the manual and power adapter.

I bought this used from some one who took very good care of it, in a smoke free home, and I did the same.

This synth is really awesome. It has great voices and it sounds very close to an analogue synth, and the sequencer is awesome. All the buttons and nobs are right on the front so there is almost no menu diving (It’s worth it to read the manual though because it is complex at first.) This unit is great too because it’s the exact same as the model with a keyboard but much cheaper, and it’s fully midi capable. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg DW-8000

“This keyboard is in good condition and functional. It has some scratches on it but is very clean. I am the second owner. My original unit was stolen with a lot of other gear. The outputs are functional and clean. However, the right output is a little scetchy.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha TX816 and Yamaha TX216

“For sale is a TX 816 and a TX 216, combined for two Yamaha MRF8 racks loaded with ten total TF1 modules. This is a great vintage digital FM synth, essentially a Yamaha DX7 in rack form. They are in good shape with some wear as expected for the age. Both racks power up, all 10 modules output sound when midi notes were input. We have not tested it further and it’s possible they may need some servicing, mostly likely just needing new batteries and presets loaded. At the very least they are at powering up and make sound responding to midi notes.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha TX7

“Yamaha TX7 Tone Generator FM Expander Sound Module.

Works well. About 30 years old. Home studio use.

Has sounds loaded and will work as-is. But… Requires midi software connection, or DX7 connection, to program and change sounds.

Not multitimbral. Plays one sound at a time.

Desktop unit. Non-rack-mountable unless you have a rack tray. 10 ft power cord.

Display is not backlit. These units, like the original DX7, require modification for backlit display.

Manual (photocopy) included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha DX7

“Condition: Keyboard is in VG+ condition for it’s age. May show some minor signs of exterior wear due to age.
Keyboard is fully functional and sounds great. All the keys work and all the buttons work.
2 Minor Flaws:
Back light is out but you can still see the screen fine. That can be replaced.
Minor dent on the back left side of the keyboard. Mostly just a piece of the plastic just got broken off.
It’s been cleaned and tested.

This is a great investment keyboard because it will only up in price if taken care of.
2 foot pedals
1 printed manual
1 printed voice library document ” Click here to visit listing on eBay