Yamaha TX802

“This is a 16 voice, 8 part multitimbral FM synthesizer — a rackmount version of the DX7mk2. The unit is in very good condition. Cosmetically there is some light rack rash on the top and on the mounts. Functionally it works great, the LED screen is bright and clear and all UI buttons work as they should. It has been kept racked and in regular use in my smoke free home studio. Comes with RAM cartridge and home-printed manual. Does not come with original program sheet.”
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Yamaha DX100

” Vintage Yamaha DX100 Digital Synthesizer with original Adapter, Footswitch, Manuals, Box

In perfect condition and sounds great!

The programmable DX100 has 49 mini-keys (4 octaves), and pitch and mod wheels in the upper left corner . It also has strap pegs on each end.

The following items are all included with the keyboard. They are all in excellent condition, other than the shipping box which is in fair condition (see photo.)

Yamaha Sustain Foot Pedal

Yamaha AC Power Adapter (PA-1210)

Yamaha DX100 Play Book (Manual)

Yamaha DX27 / DX100 Voice Programming Guide

Yamaha DX100 Owner’s Manual

Original Shipping Box (shipping label stamped 1986)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha DX21

“You’re bidding on this vintage Yamaha, DX-21, Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer. It’s in nice overall cosmetic condition looking to have been well cared for. I tested it with a set of headphones and it appears to be fully functional with no dead keys. Ready to go to work for you. ”
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Yamaha TG77

“Updated, re-listed. This unit was in storage for 15+ years. I tested it with a midi keyboard and the “voice” mode seems to work, as I can change patches and the sound is clear and good. HOWEVER, the “multi” and “utility” switches do not seem to work. I don’t know enough about this unit to determine if this is faulty (which I assume is the case) or operator error (also a strong possibility). I was not originally aware of the issues, and cancelled the original auction when I discovered them. I am relisting at a reduced price.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha DX7 II FD Project Machine

“Yamaha Dx7 II FD Electric Synthesizer Keyboard Piano Vintage *please Read*. Condition is “For parts or not working Turns on.

When it is on, it barely makes any sound.

As you can see, on the screen, it says change battery. I have read that once this battery is changed, it should work fine.

I’m not certain if this is the only issue.

When I factory reset the unit, it did work and make and Oregon type of sound. I could not change the sound in anyway other than the volume.

I’m not certain if there are any other issues.

This listing is for just the keyboard. It does not come with any cartridges”.
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Sequential Circuits Pro One

“Legendary analogue synthesizer from 1981. Without a shadow of doubt the most powerful mono synth ever produced. This thing is completely devastating for bass, but also excels at leads, drones, percussive sounds and all kinds of other complete madness. A truly wild and amazing instrument. The real deal – none of this modern clone/reproduction business.

This one has the much more desirable J-Wire keyboard – and is serial number 6732. A bit of research online will reveal that this is what you want – the first couple of thousand has problems with the internal power supply and the ones after 8000 had the badly designed membrane keyboard. The synth was serviced a couple pf years ago and is working flawlessly (I can provide the service invoice). The synth is in immaculate condition cosmetically. Wooden end cheeks are in really nice condition. All in all for a 40 year old unit this is a really incredible example. An amazing and inspiring instrument but also a solid investment, the price of these things is rising all the time these days.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

“Sequential Prophet-600 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer.

Condition is “Used”.

Working Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 analog polyphonic synthesizer.
-Cosmetics pretty good for a nearly-40 year-old keyboard (see the pics).
-Control membrane switch panel fully working
-all pots & switches working appropriately
-recent battery change
-power supply electrolytic capacitors replaced in last 5 years
-all tantalum capacitors replaced with electrolytic capacitors
-new electrolytic capacitors in VCF circuits
-basic midi in & out functionality verified
-control foot switch verified

I played it, going through the patches and all sounds appropriate. All the keys trigger fine for my playing but there were a few that slightly double-triggered (very infrequent on most keys with most patches).” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP Quadra

“This ARP Quadra has just been professionally overhauled by Synthchaser, the foremost expert on ARP Quadras! Work done included new red LED sliders (illumination can be dimmed or disabled by control of a knob mounted just inside the synth), recap of all tantalum and electrolytic capacitors, new touch sensor, keyboard refurbishment, new IC chips, and more reliability enhancements!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Blofeld Project Machine

“Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard Synthesizer Keyboard Black for parts not working. This synthesizer was purchased brand new a month old. I sold it here on ebay after determining that it wasn’t to my taste. The previous buyer informed me upon receipt that the synth was not turning on. I’ve since received his return and refund him. I don’t have the electronic expertise to repair what ever needs to be fixed. I presume a component came loose during shipping and needs to be repaired in some way. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai K1

“In almost playable condition, as a few keys don’t work – unsure whether this is something internal, physical, digital etc. It was “gifted” to us in this condition, and seems to have about three screws holding it all together – not the greatest of signs. But it does fire up and play through the headphone socket, although I haven’t got any MIDI gear to test in and out functionality so bear in mind I can only verify that “yes it kinda works”

It’s also not in the cleanest nick, with a few scratches and what have you, also the top of the joystick is missing, although I can’t work out what it even does. The pitch wheel and mod wheel do work fine, I can say that.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Paia 2720 Power Supply

“One of several modules from a box containing PAIA Modules, as pictured. Untested and includes everything pictured, most of the modules have a small bag with them containing the “pin jacks” that were removed. The faceplates are as pictured and many have a rather ugly look to them, never tried cleaning them up. No returns as these listings are as seen for parts or repair NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING – thank you!”
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Casio CZ-101

“Framed Casio CZ-101 Keyboard synthesizer & Memorabilia Signed By Geoge Duke.good conditions probably has light wear and scratches,the white signed and words on Casio CZ-101 is over previous red thin marker also has another Signed black? or red? marker not to visible.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Ensoniq VFX SD

“Ensoniq VFX SD Synthesizer. Condition is “Used”. I bought this from an estate sale. It does not have a plug so I have no way to test it to know if it works. Look at the pic there is a piece of plastic that is missing should not effect it playing” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Make Noise Maths

“Unless otherwise noted, the condition of this item is considered ‘acceptable’, since grading is subjective. Item may have minor surface flaws and or scuffs/scratches. Because grading is subjective, this item is being sold AS-IS. Its working status will be listed in the description.”
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