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OSCar @ 15 December 2015

oscar ” Up for sale is a super rare Oxford Oscar Vintage Analog Synth in near Mint condition. It was recently FULLY serviced and it’s even been converted to 120V so no step down converter is necessary. If you’re unfamiliar with Oscars, they are notorious for having issues inherent to the design. This one, however will not. Let me explain.

Oscars pop up on eBay every now and then and claim to be ‘serviced’, but I implore you to ask the seller what exactly that means. Sometimes they just open up the synth, spray the connections with Caig Deoxit and call that a service, which it isn’t. In fact a lot of ‘serviced’ vintage synths have the bare minimum done to them and claim to be fully serviced, which was the case when I bought this one from a dealer in the UK. ‘Just serviced’ they said. When I received it, everything seemed to work fine. Then I got busy building my studio and the Oscar was not used for almost a year. When I carefully moved it to the new studio and turned it on to test our cabling, I only got a few red lights on and nothing worked, no sounds. I contacted the dealer and of course he sounded surprised and claimed he knew exactly what to do, which was some nonsense via a midi update. Of course that didn’t work. So I sent it to Analogics and Wes worked on it when he had spare time, because I didn’t want to spend a ton of money. After a year of him working on it, I finally get it back and it works great now. The total cost was $1000 and would have been closer to $2000 he said, however since he took that long and it was a learning experience for him, he only charged me the former.

The last Oscar on eBay sold for $4000 from the UK, plus $260 shipping, plus import duties, so probably around $4500. I paid nearly the same for this one a few years ago and now an additional $1000 on the service. If you think my price is too high, I understand. However, if you think finding one cheaper means a better deal, think twice. There are only 2 or 3 people in the U.S. that know how to work on these and you could easily be looking at a $2000 service if something goes wrong with your Oscar. Not to mention the downtime.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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