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OSCar @ 07 April 2015

oscar ” This auction is for a fully functioning, recently serviced and totally overhauled OSCar synthesizer, with MIDI. This is a great sounding synth with a lot of features that are unique even today. This one has been fully overhauled (see below), so if you’re looking for one in great condition, this is it!

The following work was recently done on it:

New backup battery installed.

Replacement of all electrolytic capacitors (full recap).

All potmeters have been cleaned.

The keybed has been disassembled and deep cleaned.

The pin connectors between PCB’s have been replaced with hardwired flat cables, gone are your random OSCar issues! A superb mod.

There is one functional issue to note: the Separation knob does not work as specified in the manual. Whereas the manual suggests filter separation is at 0 when the knob is fully CCW, on this model 0 filter separation is at 12 o’clock. I have confirmed that this is the case for many OSCars–it appears to be a change that was made during production–but most importantly, it doesn’t affect the how the function works.
Please note that the OSCar runs on 220v and will need a step-up converter to use in the US.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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