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OSCar @ 21 January 2014

“My rare, vintage Oscar synthesiser is up for auction. The Oscar is a dual oscillator, digitally controlled mono-synth with analogue filters and user memory patches. This Oscar is a later version and has the MIDI board fitted, it also comes with the original manual and copies of the hand drawn schematics that are available on-line.

It has been fully serviced and tested and is in very good condition. That said, it is a 30 year old synth and it has a few quirks.

The arpeggiator up mode only works above the first c# on the keyboard. This seems to be an error in the operating system, given that the oscar was programmed in assembly language in a garden shed/workshop. Another Oscar owner (“arnsky”) has had the same problem from June 11, 2009: http://www.vintagesynth.com/misc/oscar.php?comments_page=3#comments_anchor All other arpeggio functions work perfectly.

Three of the pots are a little scratchy which is to be expected from an instrument of this age. But these do improve with use.

The battery has never leaked so the circuit boards are in very good condition. The battery has been replaced as of August 2013 so the original factory presets aren’t available. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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