# Oberheim Xpander

Oberheim, Xpander @ 11 June 2019

” This synth has seen light use in my studio and was never toured, however I am not the original owner.

The physical condition is 7 of 10. Some of the finish is worn and faded, and the sides have a few dings and dents. All pots, knobs, faders and ports are in good condition.

Functionally, its 8.5 of 10. As you can see, the synth passes a tuning test and appears to function without obvious issues. That said, this is vintage gear — tuning is a bit unsteady, needs 20+ minutes of warmup before use, occasionally a button might need to be pressed twice — you get the idea. But all outputs work, and it sounds DIVINE. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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