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Oberheim Xpander

” Oberheim Xpander Analog Synthesizer
100% Working, Great Cosmetics.

This Oberheim Xpander is a monster synthesizer and is in great shape.
The battery was replaced and unit checked 2 years ago by Synth Smith,
a great tech who worked for Sequential and E-mu Systems.
The last battery lasted over 20 years so should be good for many
years, but back up your sounds.
TUNE ALL returns all passing as shown in pictures
Video below shows a simple test of features and ends with running the tuning process
Main processor O.S. 1.2, and Voice processor O.S. 1.4 (latest O.S.)
Amazing Condition, The only real scratches are on the bottom of the synth
No rust or corrosion as shown in pictures of inside this beauty
The three displays are nice and bright

Auction Includes these Items
1 -Vintage Oberheim Xpander in full working condition
2 -Oberheim Xpander Original Manual
3 -Custom sounds installed. A mix of the Kid Nepro Matrix12/Xpander sounds from Rogue
music, and some of my own creations.
4 -A 3 year old Roadie Xpander flight case in mint condition
5 -Also, comes with a survival kit of five rare chips.
Three CEM 3374 VCO Chips
Two CEM 3372 VCF Chips
6 -And lastly, a dust cover so it stays nice and clean” Click here to visit listing on eBay