# Oberheim SEM

Oberheim, SEM @ 30 April 2019

” For sale is one of the all time greats of synth sound and history…

Vintage Oberheim SEM module! 100% working. Face is in great shape!!!! All knobs, functions work great. The housing shows wear (bottom and sides). The output for low was modified to 1/4 inch. The unit appears to have been recapped properly- the original tropical fish caps are still there (never swap them unless you MUST… you will hear a difference) There has definitely been some work done inside- the 1/4 mod, recap, some wiring looks non original. BUT I always took it as it was serviced. The unit sounds and performs as it should but it has NOT been calibrated. Assume drift.

It tunes awesome and HOLDS tune, unlike my Minimoog LOL… which btw it was MADE for. As an expander for a mini, its ridiculous. And theres a mod you can do on your mini for CV out and you can control it from the mini!!! (It was called the “S”ynthesizer “E”xpansion “M”odule LOL) Thats how I’ve been using it and it kills. But I’m so tired of multi tracking chords note by note LOL!!!!

This is an actual SEM not a rehoused module from a 2, 4 or 8 voice.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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