Oberheim OB-Xa

” Electronically restored 2 years ago. Recapped and most pots replaced. Plays Great & Sounds Great. All new foam in the case too.

Knicks are threefold:

#1. If you want it perfect, the case will need to be stripped and repainted and then re-silkscreened. There are companies out there that do this. I just wanted it to play properly, so the fact that the finish on the case isn’t perfect never bothered me.

#2. The Pratt-Reed keyboard plays fine, but the key dampers should be replaced. You get a little mechanical noise when playing. I used it for recording, so it never bothered me.

#3. The unit has a JL Cooper MIDI interface. It worked when I got it, but after I had the service done it stopped working. Again, there are other companies out there offering MIDI kits for this keyboard.” Click here to visit listing on eBay