Oberheim OB-Xa

“The flagship of the OB series, this is a 8 voice, 120 Program vintage Oberheim OB-Xa. One of the most awesome, fattest sounding analog synthesizers of all time! The synth has just been extensively serviced in May 2020 by Synthchaser with:

Rebuilt power supply, including new capacitors, multi-turn trimmers, and beefed up bridge rectifiers
Rebuilt voice cards, including new capacitors and multi-turn initial frequency and pulse width trimmers
Synthchaser battery eliminator module installed – saves the presets without the need for a backup battery! Factory patches have been loaded.
Full calibration – power supply, DAC, and voice cards – in tune and sounds awesome!
New key bushings, keys and key contacts cleaned
New side panel screws, new nuts for rear panel jacks

Overall reasonable condition, with a fair amount of scratches on the case. Some extra holes that were drilled in the back panel have been plugged, and there is a tiny hole on the front panel. Wood side panels are in excellent condition. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay