# Oberheim OB-X

OB-X, Oberheim @ 22 December 2009

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“OK, Take Two! This is a no reserve auction. Up for auction is one Oberheim OB-X Analog Synthesizer, serial number 794102. This is an 8 voice unit as can be seen in the photos, 4 voice cards with 2 voices each. This unit has seen better days. I acquired this synth during the summer of 2000 and it was not working then, but it did power up. I put the OB-X in storage for 9 years in a shed in my backyard with the intention of fixing it someday, then I got into acoustic music and that day never came. I had a Roland JUNO 60 for my synthesizer fix in the meantime. Unfortunately, I neglected to cover the unit while it was in storage and a mouse took up residence inside it. Our little friend made a nest of straw, bits of fabric and plastic directly on top of what I now know to be the control board. Apparently, mice don’t mind nesting amongst their own feces and urine because the control board surface was coated with both. I took some photos of the control board and you can see that some ICs and solder trails are thoroughly corroded, I believe the control board is beyond repair, but I could be wrong, maybe it could be stripped and redone, all the parts are there. The good news is that the mouse didn’t crap on the CPU which is mounted above the control board, so it looks ok as well as all 4 of the voice cards, it was just too cramped for our industrious pal to get in that area. You can see in the close up of one of the voice cards that there is no corrosion and it’s fairly clean. You can also see that some of the spring clips where the wire harness plugs into the voice cards are missing, I’m not sure if they weren’t there to begin with or if I lost them when I removed the cards for cleaning. The voice cards are the “A” version without the built in LED, but apparently you can get a kit to install your own LEDs on the cards. I’ve learned a lot about this synthesizer, mice and how to properly long term store things over the last week. One other thing is that the “HOLD” button is missing, you can see that in a photo as well, but the LED is there. Everything else is all here, the power supply, the wire harnesses, the keyboard, the wooden side panels, the voice cards, the mother board, the control board, all of the pots, the heat sinks, so there’s plenty of parts here for restoration.
I sincerely appreciate the eBayer who pointed out that I had been misinformed because they were right, I had been! I apologize for promulgating misinformation, the truth is that there is one voice per card on the OB-X and as you can see in the photo I just posted, this unit has 8 voice cards, 1 – 4 on the bottom and 5 – 8 on the top. From going back in there, I can tell you two more things, the first that this is a true piece of American craftsmanship and ingenuity, my hat is off to Tom Oberheim. But all of you “watchers” already know that. I love the hinged posts that mount the circuit boards. Second, this thing seriously smells bad. I don’t know how that mouse could stand living in there. Maybe there was a whole family and there must have been because mice are not solitary creatures, if you find one, there will be several more to follow. As I said before, Tom Sawyer turned out to be a mouse, so although I have been able to remove most of the organic debris, I’m sure that some will remain for the lucky winner of the auction.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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