# Oberheim OB-Mx

OB-MX, Oberheim @ 20 July 2010

“Here is a pristine 6 voice Oberheim OB-Mx synthesizer. It is in immaculate condition as shown in the auction photos. It has always been a home studio synthesizer, and has never been gigged or toured even by its previous owner (who happens to be none other than Neal Schon of Journey!).

It comes with the 1) the main unit 2) the AC plug 3) the new faceplate 4) the original user manual.

If you know the OB-Mx, you also know that the 2-voice cards themselves are more valuable than some standalone synths – and MUCH more rare ($600-800 each). This is a 6 voice unit.

BONUS: You also get a NEW FACEPLATE for the unit. I bought this around the time I purchased the OB and never put it on. You can see how vibrant white and perfect the faceplate truly is in the photos.

The O.S. is the newest (2.0) and the internal battery isn’t in need of replacement.

This is a RARE chance to purchase not only a pristine 6 voice unit with some interesting history, but also a chance to own an original uninstalled faceplate as well as the original manual!



6 voice OB-Mx Analog synthesizer!

ORIGINAL User’s Guide!

ORIGINAL (New) Extra Faceplate!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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