# Oberheim OB-Mx

OB-MX, Oberheim @ 07 December 2010

“HELLO… Up for auction is a rare Oberheim OBMX Analog synth designed by Modular Guru Buchla. This is loaded with Three Voice cards, each card has 2 voices, so it’s 6 voices total… 6 note polyphony. You can also set all voices to unison for a MASSIVE, HUGE, MAMMOTH Monosynth! This OBMX has always sounded every bit as good as my OB OBXA and Xpander, but it can do sooooo much more than the others. It’s jam packed with modulation routings, LFO’s and TWO Filters… a Minimoog style filter ANDan Obie SEM style filter… use them BOTH at the same time. This synth is capable of any bass, lead, pad, odd texture and more. It has been kept in our private studio and never gigged. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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