# Oberheim OB-1

OB-1, Oberheim @ 06 March 2012

” Up for auction is my low serial number Oberheim OB-1 monosynth. When I was last using this synth regularly, it would play absolutely marvelously.. However, after being in storage for a few years, it is once again in trouble:

When powered on and a “program” selected, audio output is extremely low. There’s two audio outs on the back, low and high. High is audible, and low I couldn’t hear at all. I tested all of the knobs, switches and keys, and all work. As it’s so low in output it is hard to say about the overall tuning, but the oscillators and filter still track to the keyboard.
One key is slightly lower than the rest- the D3

Because of these issues, I’m starting this auction at an extremely low price with no reserve.

This synthesizer is serial number 0058.

Back in 2005, Kevin Lightner (synthfool.com) completely restore this particular synth. It was in heavy use until 2009, at which point it went into the studio closet.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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