Oberheim Matrix 6

“Selling an Oberheim Matrix 6 in fantastic condition. All keys and their velocity responses work very nicely, all membrane buttons work, most with a single press and a few with occasion harder presses, and all 6 voices work and sound excellent. Aftertouch response is usually weak on this model synth, but mostly works on this unit except for the upper range. Keybed itself feels great and expressive to play. The classic Oberheim pitch and mod levers work great and snap nicely back to center. And cosmetically it’s one of the nicer examples I’ve seen, with only minimal wear that’s hard to notice from this very slick looking vintage 1985-1988 beauty. Overall it looks really clean and it sounds amazing. This was the “poor man’s” Oberheim to get access to the legendary Oberheim sound from the more expensive higher end models such as the OBX, OB8, and OBXA via a knobless, minimal, and digital interface. It also introduced an incredibly deep modulation matrix (hence the name) for unprecedented sound design capabilities.

Operating system is updated to the latest factory version 2.13, and I will also include a Tauntek v2.15 firmware chip (an additional $50 value) for you to easily and optionally install. Will package professionally and carefully with thorough bubble wrapping to ensure safe arrival.”
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