Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Reluctantly selling my original Oberheim Matrix 1000 synth module due to financial crunch. It has been in dry storage for several years and has always been in a smoke-free environment. It works fine other than the RAM battery needs replacing (a pretty simple procedure, using a CR2032 battery and a cheap battery holder that I can supply). This means patches 000 thru 199 are missing – though in fact this bank of sounds consisted entirely of “best hits” copies of the 900 ROM sound patches that are still intact within the synth.

This is a true classic MIDI synth, still revered among synth aficionados.

There are surface scratches and marring consistent with long term mounting within a rack, and one mounting tab has a very minor bend in it that has been straightened out – no actual loss of function resulting” Click here to visit listing on eBay