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Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Selling my Oberheim Matrix 1000. It has an upgraded power supply to a modern, quiet and cooler one. This unit had the vibrating transformer issue (very common to these units). It has a replaced battery, with a holder attached to the inside side, and it also has a switch. This unit has the 1.20 “Tauntek” firmware installed which makes many improvements and fixes to the stock firmware.

Cosmetically I would say it is very good. A little rack rash on top and very little on the front. Please check the pictures or ask questions though before bidding.

It has been factory reset and calibrated and I populated RAM patch 001 with a ROM patch to ensure new battery worked OK.

This unit has been racked in my smoke free home studio for the past few years and has worked very well, but I am downsizing.”
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