Oberheim DSX

“Greetings; I’m offering up my Oberheim DSX Sequencer. It comes complete with the foot switch, volume pedal, power cord, and interface cable. This DSX has been stored in a closet at my home for many years. It is in excellent condition for its age. I sold my OBXa many years ago, so I have no way of testing it properly. The DSX worked well with my Obie before I stored it, which was 10+ years ago. My OBXa had the MIDI conversion, so I didn’t use it too much….(I was using a Roland MC-80). I’m not sure if it needs to be serviced, but the battery will most likely need replacement. I will include the instructions if I can ind them. I’m not too far from most of SoCal if you would like to arrange for pick-up”
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