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Oberheim DPX-1

“This sample player is the classic Oberheim DPX with a mono output and two floppy disk drives. We tested the unit and it worked properly at first, but the output started to crackle and fade out after about 15 minutes. We loaded a number of disks and were surprised at how many worked – out of about 15 disks, only one didn’t work, and another needed some TLC to load. The issue with the unit seems to be the audio output side, and it will require a tech to troubleshoot and fix properly.

The real gem in this auction is the huge collection of classic samples on floppy disk. This collection belonged to my best friend, who sampled and played the “I Need You” sample on the 80’s Stacy Q hit song “Two of Hearts”. They are in various formats*, and many are Mirage format disks, with some amazing, now impossible to find, library samples from the 80’s such as various K-Muse sample disks, as well as one-of-a-kind samples by my friend. Again, we didn’t test all the disks because of the audio problem, but of the ones we tested, most loaded and worked properly. I counted plus or minus 340 sample disks plus a stack of random non-sample disks I pulled out of the collection (see photo). Auction includes the briefcase to hold disks.”
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