Oberheim DMX

“Oberheim DMX drum machine recently refurbished with MIDI and custom features. Condition is Seller refurbished.

This DMX originally came to me in sad condition — random holes in the case, no voice boards and several other missing parts. I rebuilt it, filling the holes and repainting the front part, adding a full complement of Electrongate 1554E voice cards, replacing the other missing parts, adding the Electrongate MIDI upgrade, and just for fun, replacing the walnut end panels with maple ones, and replacing the red LED display with a green version (including a green gel filter over the display). In addition, I added a toggle switch on the rear panel that selects a completely different set of sounds for seven of the voice boards (all but the cymbals). At one setting, all sounds are the standard, original samples. The other setting selects alternate versions of the sounds.

The machine is completely functional, with the original factory sequences loaded, and all switches have been cleaned and work smoothly. Two of the switches do not have correct markings, but have been blacked out so the difference is hardly noticeable.
The rear panel has had several holes filled (with epoxy) and has not been repainted.

This is a unique version of the DMX, the drum machine used by so many groups in the 1980s.”
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