Oberheim DMX

“Oberheim DMX W/MIDI /external Custom TUNING BOX/ Free EPROMS INCLUDED!!. Condition is “Used”.

Ok ..here we go…Here’s our Ob DMX that’s been in our studio “forever” lol!. Recently inspected…battery has been swapped. Led’s work perfectly. Has the midi kit where the I/O was put into the side panel. The fun thing was I had a box made in which the tunings were able to be changed via using the CV port in the back. You just need a 9 volt power supply. There’s roughly 90 or so eproms that im including. You only see 53 on one side…but if you flip that foam over there’s more! SURPRISE!! lol….that’s around $800 usd in chips alone…so go ahead…” Click here to search for synths on eBay