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Triadex Muse

“Vintage 1970s Early Synthesizer Triadex Muse External Speaker Amplifier and Box!

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A vintage 1970’s speaker amplifier that is an accessory to the rare and famous Triadex Muse Synthesizer.
The Muse was designed by two famed MIT professors, Marvin Minsky and Edward Fredkin.
Although the synthesizer had its own built-in speaker, this amp was available as an external.
The Mid-Century Modern Triangle shape measures 13-1/2″ wide x 11-1/2″ high x 11-1/4″ deep.
The case is made of wood and brushed aluminum.
The speaker cover is made of worsted woven wool in turquoise and black.
Please note that the connecting cord is an RCA style.” Click here to visit listing on eBay