Multivox MX2000

“Hello, you are viewing my auction for a Vintage Multivox MX2000 Duo Synthesizer Dual Oscillator Vintage Keyboard. This is a 37 key vintage synthesizer. I am not an expert on musical instruments so I will tell you what I know. I plugged this keyboard in and it did power up. I plugged headphones into the output jack on the backside and I did get sound when I pressed on the keys. I am unsure if all of the knobs are working perfect since all that I tested was plugging it in and I got sound through the headphones. That is all of the testing I did. I know nothing about this keyboard and I know nothing about how it works. Cosmetically it looks in good condition. I do not see any breaks to it except for the tab that is broken off next to the Hawaiian Guitar Tab. It was made in Japan.”
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