# Multivox MX-8100

Multivox @ 29 December 2015

mx8100“Multivox MX-8100 branded a “Computer Basic System.” Extremely nice condition for such a vintage unit. Made in late seventies, think I bought in very early eighties. Only minor issue is two missing plastic feet that I must have taken off probably thirty years ago to fit it into whatever keyboard stand I was using at the time. I found one rub mark on back and some very minor wear on edges. See pics for details.

I purchased this at the same time as the SPV-355 Analog Roland Synth I recently sold here on ebay. The control voltage works perfectly with old Roland and Korg Analog Synths. I remember making an adaptor to use with my Minimoog back in the day. If you have a moog and want that adaptor, I have no further use for it, so just ask at the time of purchase.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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