# Multivox Firstman SQ01

Multivox @ 29 March 2011

“The Firstman SQ01, manufactured by Multivox, is said to pre-date the Roland TB-303 and has a deep analogue bass sound somewhere between the 303 and a Moog bass. The controls (left to right) are: Tempo, Release, Bar, Filter Cutoff Frequency, Filter Resonance, Oscillator Fine (tune) and Oscillator Frequency, Sustain and Power/Volume. Connections at the top rear are: DC12V in, CV in, Gate in, Clock in, Footswitch, Synchro out, CV out, Gate out, Clock out and Audio out. These connections really add to the fun-factor when hooking up with other analogue gear, or use a midi-cv converter to control it via midi.

This unit is in very good condition, the membrane cover is still in great condition and responsive. It is a very solidly built synth but there are some scratches on the underside and some slight dints on some panels. I gave it a quick test drive and it performed beautifully with good sound and no scratchy pots. These synths are very rare and are certainly a unique addition to your sonic arsenal.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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