# Moog White Elephant Cordovox CDX-0652

CDX-0652, Cordovox, Moog @ 10 September 2012

“Presenting the legendary rather magnificent looking monster of a beast – the Moog White Elephant.

Manufactured as a collaboration between Moog (synthesizer company) and Cordovox (Accordian/organ Company) through Norlin Music this instrument is really unlike anything else. The top manual is a Moog Synthesizer and the bottom manual is a Cordovox organ.

I have listed this auction “FOR PARTS/NOT WORKING” -however the unit is mostly working. The Moog section needs some calibration as these units often do. I recently moved the piece from my studio in Philadelphia, PA to my home in Wilmington, DE and the tuning and functions of the moog section are now a bit out of whack. All keys trigger, and every switch effects the instrument as I believe it should. Perhaps my favorite part of the instrument is on the right hand side – called “Percussion”and acts as a very functional cutoff for the organ. The synth can also be “coupled” to turn the top section in an extra keyboard for the Cordovox. Just writing about this synth makes me wish I wasn’t in a position where I have to sell it.

Cosmetically speaking – the synthesizer is looking pretty sharp. All slider caps, switches, sliders, and buttons are present and function. All keys are also present though a few have a cracks on them and cause them to stick down when pressed – these should likely be replaced. The labeling of functions is clear and readable. The chrome faceplates that adorn the instrument are pretty shiny though have a scratchy sort of look – observe pictures – The aluminum “moog” strip along the top of the instrument is clean and straight (I’ve seen many dented and bent) The “white” part of the white elephant (the huge fiberglass shell that plops over top is solid and without cracks – there are a few holes that I’m not sure are original – some which look to be for a music stand and/or supporting another instrument or rack to fasten to it. – there is also some sticker residue on one side – but nothing major.
Also included is the original “CDX” chrome legs and their original black carrying case.

Also included is an unmarked pedal that connects via 5-pin cable and I believe is used to control volume/filter swells though this piece remains untested. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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