# Moog Taurus II

Moog, Taurus II @ 06 July 2015

taurus ii “Condition: This synthesizer is in great overall shape. All electronics and parts have been tested and are working and the unit has had a recent thorough service. The rubber knobs for the sliders are missing. Cables and controls are all included. It is in excellent condition with very little noticeable wear and tear. If anybody needs close ups of the pedal unit I can send on. But to be honest it’s in top nick and as I say has just had a full service through Cranes Music in Swansea.

Synthesizer: Moog Taurus II Model 343A. Features controls for modulation, oscillation, contour, filter, mixer and master volume. Controls for pitch, mod, tune and glide are on the far left side. There are several internal trimpots with access on the back of the unit. See photos for input/output jacks.

Floor pedal: The floor controller includes a total of 18 pedals and input for the main synthesizer unit on the back. The pedals come with two voltage transformers – one big and specially made for portability.

Case: Includes leather case for synthesizer, cable and stand that is connected to the floor pedals. A manual is also included. Some handwritten notes are in the manual. There is also a full set of templates giving a beginner an indication of what this beast can do.

The bottom line is that this piece of kit needs no explanation to anyone who knows about Moog or bass pedals, or have a love of Prog Rock. I’m only parting with it because I’ve had to give up the band I was in due to personal circumstances and want to free up some cash. She’s the Mama and until you’ve heard her, or felt her you’ll never know why they include ear defenders in the new Minitaur Midi units.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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