# Moog Taurus II

Moog, Taurus II @ 02 April 2012

“This 1979 Moog Taurus II unit is a monophonic 2VCO synth with the same sound engine as the Moog Rogue.The brain is in perfect working order and was just serviced by New England Analog(NEA)in Boston in mid March 2012 who replaced all electrolytic capacitors, refabbed the heat sinks and OSC 1 slider, and performed a tuning and calibration(see photo #12 ). Both the brain and the pedal unit have matching serial numbers.This week, I just checked every switch, rotary, slider etc and everything functions perfectly confirming NEAs fine work.The Taurus II can produce some very loud fat base sounds when you have both oscillators slightly detuned( think Genesis, Rush, etc)If you are not familiar with this model, the Vintage Synth Explorer has some basic information you can research and user commentary.

Cosmetically, the brain is in good shape and has custom wood sides installed by Synthwood (photo #6) The faceplate does have a few scratches but not bad at all compared to many units I have seen being sold over the past year on eBay.The base pedal housing is also in decent shape. A few scratches & one small ding. Only real cosmetic issue is that one of the side pieces of wood at the back has two chips in it (photo #9). It is in the back and not very noticable when set up in your studio.The pedal covers themselves are in very good condition with no missing pedal attachments(like a current unit for sale)or tape residue, abrasion or gouge marks typical of other units. Use the zoom feature on the pedal photos and check them out. They are in great shape. In keeping with full disclosure, the sixth pedal from the left sits about 3/16″ lower than the other pedals. NEA reports that this is common with the Taurus II . After 32 years, some of the pedals sag a bit but only 1 out of 18 is not bad. It triggers if you set up the unit on normal carpeting that has a decent thickness pad so the pedal has an opportunity to descend. If you set the base unit up on hardwood or thin carpet like I have in my studio, a simple 3/8″ shim(or anything to act as a wedge) is just placed under the base in this areato allow the pedal full clearance to descend and it triggers perfectly 100% of the time, every time. This is also a 1 1/2 octave unit(18 notes) Vs the 13 note Taurus I and Taurus III, which is a plus.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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