# Moog Taurus II

Moog, Taurus II @ 22 August 2011

“Here we have an incredibly rare set of Moog Taurus II bass pedals dating from around 1981. They pedals come complete with original power supply, lead, original carry ‘sling’, cardboard overlays for writing down settings, instruction manual and original receipt! They include an exceptionally heavy duty purpose built flightcase. The unit works perfectly with two exceptions – firstly the steel post (used to elevate the control unit to waist level) is missing and it’s thread and the ‘nut’ on both pedals and unit will not screw in securely. Secondly the power supply jack is a little loose but once secured works perfectly. I have used the synth live with the control panel atop the pedal unit and also on a small keyboard stand, both far more secure than the wobbly steel pole! Other than these issues the synth works with no problems, all pedals sound and controls function. The control unit is similar to the Moog Rogue but tuned an octave down specifically to produce sub bass and true Moog growl and fatness. This really gets your speakers flapping! The synth is very flexible with two oscillators, glide, white noise, trigger (so you keep a note going without pressing the pedals), overdrive, etc. There is also the legendary Moog filter to shape those analog sounds impossible to recreate with modern gear. These must have originally been owned by a Genesis tribute band as they have settings for song titles such as ‘Supper’s Ready’, ‘Squonk’ etc. I have tried these and they are very authentic. They are not just for Prog rock though! They have been gigged and have the usual scuffing to the casing and damage to the wooden end cheeks. Tuning is stable and they play very well all parts are original with no broken sliders or knobs. These are a great piece of synth history.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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