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Moog Source

” Moog Source Vintage Analog Synthesizer.

Physically, it shows about as much wear as you’d expect for a synth of its age. There is metal rubbing on the back form where it sat in the keyboard stand – the wooden sides also show plenty of wear – but I suppose served their function in protecting the keyboard, itself.

The push-membrane works just fine. Unfortunately I don’t understand how to make everything work. I have absolutely no clue on how to test the sequencer or how to save a patch. I was able to get almost everything working in the video – and anything I couldn’t could easily be because I don’t know HOW – or perhaps there is something that actually DOESN’T work. I hate to limit the sale price of the synth, but without enough knowledge I can only show you what I was able to figure out.

Here’s my best assessment – I was able to get everything working – with the following exceptions: (1) I could not get the modulation wheel to change the sound – and (2) I literally have no idea how to test the sequencer. I wish I could so I could say “I know it works” – but I don’t know how.

Only other thing I’ll add is I tested the ADSR buttons after I shot the video – those DID change the “envelope” of the sound (how fast the sounds started and how long it sustained). I would say the THIRD item I didn’t know how to test was how to save a patch. Here’s what I tried… I tried to hold down “SAVE” while pressing one of the numbers – and that didn’t seem to do it. I read I was supposed to leave it plugged in for some time to let the battery charge in order to take care of memory functions, but I lacked the time before needing to list this. If I am able to of perform further testing this week, I will. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay