Moog Rogue

“Thank you for seeing.
Moog’s analog synthesizer, The Rogue.

I bought it a few years ago at a major Japanese musical instrument store.

[Depending on the level of light, there are small scratches and dirt on the keyboard. In addition, there is a gully on the fader of EMPHASIS (it was from the time of purchase). It may be severe for those who plan to use this fader for live performance etc.]
The poor connection of the power adapter has been fixed.

He / she plays super moog sound that we cannot imagine from compact housing.

I think it is quite rare in Japan.
The sound is great, but the design is excellent.
It is fashionable and cool.

The intense lead with two oscillators and the OVER DRIVE sound of the MIXER section create a powerful and fat sound unique to analog synthesizers.

The power adapter will be the one that came with it when you bought it. Once the connection was poor, but it was repaired. Now I can use it normally.

What appears on the back of the sixth and seventh photos like white dust is the rough reflection of light on the surface. Please be assured.” Click here to search for synths on eBay