Moog Prodigy

“I just noticed that I didn’t put all the white switches back on after cleaning them. They WILL be included with the synth!

There is the Moog Prodigy and then there is THE Moog Prodigy with External Controls. This is the more desirable one that has:

– S-Trig In/Out
– Kybd In/Out
– OSC In
– VCF In
– Sync In

These controls allow you to achieve deep bass notes as well as being able to connect the synth to a sequencer.

I am not the original owner. I purchased this synth for a studio project where we needed those nice thick, dimensional analog tones that cannot be achieved through soft-synths or from the newer digital synths. If you want the real deal, here it is!

Cosmetically I would say it is in good condition for a ~30 year old vintage synth. It is definitely aged, but that is part of the beauty of a vintage analogue synth. If you want mint, this isn’t your synth.

Please Note:
As mentioned, I am not the original owner and so I do not know much about the history of this particular unit (where its been, maintenance, etc.), but what I can tell you is that it works as designed. Every key, every pot, every switch works. It plays in tune. During the recording process we had it connected to an Analogue Solutions Oberkorn3 analogue sequencer, and the Prodigy worked perfectly.” Click here to search for synths on eBay